Kim Janssen


In the last four years Kim Janssen traveled around the world. He traveled across Europe, North America, Great Brittain and also Asia for more than 450 shows. In 2012 he has been touring with an 8-piece-band in support of his latest album 'Ancient Crime'. This year he releases 'The Lonely Mountains', a sequel to this album. Kim grew up in Asia. Between the ages of eleven and fifteen, he lived in a British boarding school in Katmandu, Nepal. 'Ancient Crime' is a concept album inspired by this. The album takes place in an old idyllic school, in a remote village in north-west England during the winter. A mixture of history, myth, memories, old and new verses and arrangements. On 'The Lonely Mountains' Kim didn’t leave his British boarding school world. He rearranged his own works, works by Chopin and Britten, and added new verses to poems by Robert Herrick and W.N. Hodgson. It is a world of its own, with countless different voices and instruments weaving in and out. At times telling of strife and isolation, and at times of exuberance and joy. Press on Kim Janssen ***** – Nederlands Dagblad **** – **** – Volkskrant “Ambitious, delightful” – The Guardian (UK) “10/10” – Stillife “Rises above the standard of pop music.... There's only one like Kim Janssen” – OOR “Raw recorded beauty” – Revu “Ein kleines, warmherziges.. Wunderwerk.” – You Sound Great (DE) “Continua a vegliare su di noi, Kim.” – Ondarock (IT)